At the beautiful summer of September in Saint Cloud,we came to the Madison elementary school where we are going to work for the first time,and attended the reception for new Chinese immersion program teachers.The headmaster is very kind, said hello to each of us Chinese volunteers passionately, and took us to visit every classroom.

九月的圣克劳德正值夏末,天朗气清,好不惬意,我们就在这刚刚好的时节第一次踏入了自己即将工作的麦迪逊小学,参加了学校为我们新上岗的中文沉浸式项目教师召开的欢迎会。 校长很亲切,向我们每一名中国志愿者热情地问好,并带我们参观了每间教室。