Chinese immersion class project would be much with Chinese characteristics: pinyin table of Chinese characters, the map of China, the national flag, red lanterns and couplets… Every classroom is a unique individual character, multi-function teaching environment, sweet and comfortable and interesting. The school also has a dining room, library, computer classroom, music classroom, gymnasium, the nurse station, etc., on basic construction and the domestic, only relatively advanced various configurations.




The toilet hand sanitizer, tissues, and even there is no shortage of diapers, and special large space toilet for the disabled students — don’t be surprised, disabled students in public schools here are not uncommon. While in China to serve the disabled and the mentally impaired school, but in the United States, the class children and normal children in a class in the class, learning, school will configure specialized teacher time close watch over them.



Nurse station is similar to the domestic school by the department of the school doctor, but the nurse””s professional health services for children “emergency” the angel, only their own teachers cannot touch the rights of children body, a child either finger scratched or any part of the body pain, bleeding from the teacher will squeeze the tears with the nurses”” station pass here to seek help.