Besides, there are student work file distribution area, teachers’ group learning area, material area, includes a wall, store content ark, book corner, with a sofa, carpet, pillow) and even sink, etc. Structures and facilities on the basis of the above classroom, the teacher will follow one’s inclinationsly layout for more details, such as in the approved labeled students birthday card on the wall, on the cabinet of the students design their name badge.

除此之外,还有学生作品存档区、教师小组学习区、材料分发区、板报墙、储物柜、图书角(有沙发、地毯、抱枕)甚至还有洗手台等。 在以上教室构造和设施的基础上,老师会随心所欲地布置更多细节,比如在板报墙上贴上学生的生日卡片,在学生的柜子上设计他们的姓名牌。


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